40 Mile Relay
Charleston Challenge
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Charleston Challenge Series Home!
Charleston Challenge Series Home!
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Charleston Parks & Recreation Department
520 Jackson Ave, Charleston IL 61920
Phone 217-345-6897   Email Tourism@co.coles.il.us
Mail: tourism@co.coles.il.us
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are runners assigned specific legs?
A: No, runners can pick and choose which
       leg to run. No minimum per runner.
Q: What do we need to bring?
  A: Each team is required to provide your
       own water and food for the race. Some
       water and snack items will be at the start
       line for you.
Q: Is there water on the course?
  A: There are no water stations on the
       course. Some of the transitions have
      running water where you can refill
       your own bottles.
Q: Are there restrooms on the course?
  A: Yes, each transition has either a “real”
       bathroom or a Port-A-Potty
Q: Are there vehicle size restrictions?
  A: Yes, nothing larger than a 15 passenger   van or SUV are allowed as support vehicles.